Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway Season 7

I didn't love Season 6, I didn't recap Season 6. I felt like Season 6 didn't live up to the Project Runway experience that we have come to expect. I didn't plan on not blogging Season 6, but after the first two episodes I recognized there wouldn't be any point. There really wasn't much to work with. (Ummm, the first challenge had Lindsay Lohan as a guest judge. That seemed like a good idea to them?)

Where were the unforgettable characters in Season 6? Who was to be the next Austin, Santino, or WENDY? (Wendy pacing the sidewalk at the end of the first year, talking to herself? Come on - brilliant.) Where were the quirky designers we had grown to know and love? Kara's fleurchons, Kenley's stupid hats, Christian's hair, Jeffrey's neck tattoo? Please tell me that the Samantha Ronson doppelganger wasn't supposed to be it for last season - as she wasn't even there long enough that I remember her name.

Plus? Where the hell were Michael and Nina? I don't want judging without Michael and Nina! Enough with the guest judges - they make a fine addition to the show, but as replacements left me feeling cheated.

I'm going to be recapping this time, and I hope it's back to the old quality standards for the show. They're back in NY, so it's looking up already. I LOVE Project Runway - and have high hopes for it's illustrious return to being one of the greatest reality tv shows out there. It's just more fun that way!

It starts tonight... ready? Set? Go!

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