Saturday, July 11, 2009

Selective Reality Introduction


I plan to concentrate on two shows on this blog: Design Star and Project Runway.

Season 4 of Design Star (which I mostly like) will premier on July 19th.
Season 6 of Project Runway (with which I have a love/hate relationship) begins on August 20th.

I have followed these two shows since their inception. I think they encapsulate what "reality television" should be:
1) they are contests, like long drawn out game shows. I like that.
2) there is unscripted snark. I love that.
3) they are edited, so it's not like watching home movies - - they only show you the stuff they think will entertain you. I thank them for not wasting my time on boring stuff.
4) they have a creative bent. I have a creative bent. I am not qualified to DO either show myself, but feel entitled to share my own untrained opinion with the world. I think that is what the internet does best.

I'll see you after the premier of Design Star!


  1. Oh but you see, I hadn't watched PR until you blogged about it then I became a convert.

    Perhaps you can convert your other 3 regulars?

    Oh no...first PR, next thing they'll be drinking coffee. You little trouble maker! :0

    Eager to 'read all about it'.
    (though I'm hoping you pimp out this blog just a wee's rather bland for a Dodi-creation!)

  2. We keep checking for your latest recaps of Design Star. :-( We *almost* look forward to it more than the show itself!!!