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Project Runway... All-Stars? Episode 3

Really? Didn't know if this show was going to be blogworthy, but after the second episode I knew I had to jump in there.  New host, mentor, and judges?  Yay! 

Lets take a look at the designtestants:

Anthony Williams, Season 7, final finish? 5th.  Don't get me wrong, I like Anthony. He cracks me up! But he was eliminated twice during season 7.  I assume he's here because he's a fan favorite, and I'm glad of that. 

April Johnson, Season 8, final finish? 5th. I liked April... I did.  A 5th place finish isn't SO horrible here, as there were 17 contestants that season.  Top 1/3 of the class, she's in the right place.  (But what happened to her hair?)

Austin Scarlet, Season 1, final finish? 4th.  WHERE HE WAS ROBBED, because Wendy? Bitch, please.  No.  Austin should have been on that runway, not Wendy.  In my book Austin was top 3.  Yes, an All-Star.  (Frankly?  I'm a little surprised Austin took this gig.)

Elisa Jimenez, Season 4, final finish? 10th. Tenth? Frankly, 10th place was a gift as Jack would have kicked her ass down to 11th if he hasn't gotten a mersa infection and had to withdraw himself from the competition.  Bottom third of the class does not an All-Star make. What the hell is she doing here, was Dancing With The Stars full up?  There is good news: She was the first eliminated from the All-Star parade... to the surprise of nobody.

Gordana Gehlhausen, Season 6, final finish? 4th.  And really, she was a better designer than Althea, which takes her up to 3rd.  She should be here, and she's very, very good. Besides, I love her accent.

Jerell Scott, Season 5, final finish? 4th.  This seems to be a running placement for qualification, there are a lot of 4th place finishers.  Granted, he was 4th behind Kenley... so, you know.... ewww.  Jerell is totally fun, and I really liked when he told Kenley that her outfit was all "hip hop", when actually it was all "white girl at the 2nd rate mall". 

Kara Janx, Season 2, final finish?  Hmmm, 4th?  Should have been 5th - because no WAY this chick actually beat out Nick, right?  Judges were totally high. Still, 5th would have been a decent showing.  She'll be out early though.  No way she gets through episode 5 alive.

Kenley Collins, Season 5, final finish? Gifted with a 3rd place finish. I think the 50's prom dresses are going to get old very quickly. Also? I wonder which episode we see her turn in the overconfident bitch we all know and don't really at all love.

Michael Costello, Season 8, final finish? 4th. I love Michael. I love everything about him, but what I especially love is that he beat Ivy's ass and she was LIVID.  Go Michael! All-Stars could go very well for Michael if they give him the right challenges.

Mila Hermanovski, Season 7, final finish? A well deserved 3rd. I didn't love Mila's work, but I appreciated it. She could actually go a long way in All-Stars.

Mondo Guerra, Season 8, final finish? 2nd. ROBBED. Everyone who watched Season 8 knows that Mondo should have been the winner over Gretchen. It was the worst decision I think they've ever made on the final runway - and it made me really mad. If I had to pick a winner at the beginning of this season?  Mondo for the win. (I'm a Denver girl, come on!)

Rami Kashou, Season 4, final finish? 2nd. Against Christian Siriano. Had Christian not been there? Rami would have RUN AWAY with that season. He's fab - but Christian Siriano is probably the best designer that has ever been on Project Runway. Rami will be Mondo's #1 competition.

Sweet P, Season 4, final finish? 5th. I'm not a fan of Sweet P as a designer. I AM a fan of the woman she is - she's sincere and funny and such a "girlfriend." She's be so much fun to have coffee with, but I wasn't really surprised that she was 2nd out. I'm sorry, Sweet P, I really would love to hang out with you, though. 

I think Elisa was put in to the competition so that they could kick someone off pretty easily and not feel bad (first one out is such an ego blow).  You cannot keep someone around who "blesses" things by spitting on them. Not during cold and flu season. And I was really very sure that Kara would go before Sweet P - but I was wrong.  So by the time I start blogging the season, Elisa and Sweet P are already gone.  Neither one of them was going to make it too far - but Kara's dress was uglier. Just sayin.

OK, and can I just stop and say HOLY COW to Mondo's and Rami's creations on the first challenge?

2nd Challenge, A Night At The Opera.  Kenley created a prom dress (wow. Nobody but Miley Cyrus was going to look at that gown and think "Opera",and that's because Miley would be thinking "Opry"), and Jerel, Kara, and Sweet P looked like they created maternity dresses. Not one of them successfully hit that empire waistline correctly - which made those skinny models look like balloons on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route. Is this a look now? Please don't tell me that this is a look now. Michael had a super beautiful showing, as did Mondo. Austin's gown was the winner - but I sort of expect more from Austin than this. He IS gowns. I believe there are actually Oscar dresses coursing through his veins... and this was just a not enough. Rami's color was gorgeous, but the design didn't really work for me. 

3rd Challenge?  Designing for Miss Piggy.
Let's get started!
OK, they all see Miss Piggy, and they're all acting like it's such a fun idea.  NOT. 
OH WAIT - Miss Piggy will be judging.  LOL. 

$150 and just one short day.  Yikes!

(Do you love that they are talking about Miss Piggy like she is an actual person?)

I'd put her in brown, as I LOVE pink and brown together. Sort of a rich brown take on the little black dress - Audrey Hepburn style. But there seems to be a lot of black and pink going on. What a surprise, Mila is going for a 60's vibe. Can she DO anything else? 
Kara and Mondo fighting over gloves.  Kara should just give it up.
OK, enough of that.  She's made Mondo mad, so the gloves will be off so to speak. 

Love the mentor visit!  Good old Joanna Coles. Starting with Gordana  She wants to show off Piggy's legs, deciding chic, girly, carefree. Joanna gets a nightgown vibe.  "This is going to be comfortable for her".  (Reminder: She's a PUPPET.)

Mila next. Joanna is in to the mod vibe.  Did these judges NOT watch the previous seasons - because Mila hasn't advanced her vision one iota in three years.  Joanna cautions her to be careful regarding a headband, because she doesn't want to impare her hearing.  (Ummm, again... PUPPET?)

Kenley's turn.  "How does a pig feel about wearing a giraffe print?"  (OK, clearly medication is needed, for they ALL seem to thing that Miss Piggy is real.)

Austin. Austin "feels he understands Miss Piggy. In many ways we are kindred spirits."  Really Austin?  Because Miss Piggy isn't REAL. There is a guy named Eric Jacobson who's got his hand up her ass making her move and talk. Wait, maybe there is something to that whole "kindred spirits" thing? Joanna is not convinced of the vision. (And I'm not convinced of his sanity.)

Mondo's concept is to give her something from from her childhood, because she brought so much joy to his childhood.  He is assuming she was born in the 60's.  I believe we all know she'd take offense to that assumption? (Oh, I so want him to tell the Pig that she looks like she's FIRMLY in her 40's!)

Time to call it a night.  You know they'll have like 20 minutes in the morning, mad dash to clothe the pig.

Runway day!
Everyone does seem excited to meet Miss Piggy.  (The clips they've shown of the judging don't look so positive!)

The Judges:
Angela Linvall (host)
Georgina Chapman (designer)
Eric Daman (stylist, sitting in for Isaac Mizrahi)
Miss Piggy (client)

My impression:
Michael's dress, I don't love the fabric, but the bow thing on the shoulder seems very Miss Piggy.
April's dress, Cute.
Jerell's dress, I hate this.
Kara, Actually turned out much better than I anticipated, with Mondo's gloves and Austin's shoes to complete the look.
Kenley.  Ummm, I don't like this, but the judges? Might.
Anthony's dress. Its a pretty dress, but I don't see it on Miss Piggy at all.
Rami's dress, to me?  SPOT ON.  It's animated and fun, and not something a real person could ever really wear... because she ISN'T REAL, this is it for me.
Mila's dress looks like everything Mila always makes. Could Miss Piggy pull it off?  Sure, but so could I.
Gordana'd dress.  Actually, the neckline is SO right for this challenge.
Austin's creation... That dress is not going to place top three.
Mondo. I think the dress is OK, the styling is not good. 

Austin, Rami, Gordana, Kenley, Mila, Michael.  Top three and bottom three.  Everyone else is safe.

Georgina - beautifully constructed, but the colors aren't happy.
Eric - hates the bows.
Angela - proportion is thrown off.
Piggy - "Can you hula hoop in that dress?"


Georgina - he went fresh, had a little wink to it.
Eric - fun fun fun Parisian Hog Couture.
Piggy - garish, outlandish, ridiculous, and she LOVES It!


Angela - Pretty dress, but understated.
Georgina - doesn't quite fit.
Piggy - fine dress, doesn't know if it's "moi"


Georgina - likes that it has an air of sophistication
Angela - should have been more pink?
Piggy - Would make her feel like a present for Kermie.


Georgina - color would have been better for photographs
Eric - wanted color.
Piggy - doesn't SCREAM Miss Piggy, it whispers it.


Georgina - color was great, doesn't like the top.
Eric - whimsical, likes the print.
Piggy - does like the hat, because after the event she could take it home to clean her pots and pans.

OK, they start with the ones they hated... Austin!  Bwahahaha! Nobody liked this one.  Mila's dress, which brought up Wednesday Addams comments.  Oops.  Gordana.  Boring, won't flatter the pig.

Who did they like?  Kenley; Piggy doesn't like the idea of a Pink Giraffe.  "I'm not sure what that says."  I'm not either!  Rami;  THIS DRESS IS THE BOMB.  Whimsical, fantastic.  Michael; Except for the styling, the color and the hat, they liked the the dress itself.  Not the winner, clearly.

Rami!  NO????? What? Michael??? Who the f*** would pick Michael's dress over Rami's??  I demand a recount... This is simply wrong.  Project runway?  I'm keeping count here... this is one in the lose column for you.

Who's gone?
Gordana.  Which means I cannot believe that KARA outlasted Gordana.  Are you kidding me? 

So, what's up next week? Diane von Furstenberg gives them a 6 hour challenge. I'm personally hoping for a bench clearing brawl over the accessory wall!


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