Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Runway...All-Stars? Episode 4

Lets just start by saying this supermodel/host? I still can't remember her name.  In fact, there are three episodes behind us and as far as I know it's been a different woman each week.  She?  Is completely unmemorable.

Diane von Fuerstenberg? 6 hour challenge?  Before we get going I'm wondering if I should do an over/under on how many times Diane's "iconic wrap dress" will be mentioned?  If Tim were here?  It would have made for an epic drinking game. JC? I'm not sure.  How they'll even work in a visit from JC in a 6 hour challenge will be interesting... I picture much growling and "no comment" attitude from the designers Who has the time?

So, lets go.

Episode called Good Taste, Tastes Good.
Side note: When they scan the contestants? Good LORD Rami is a beautiful human being. He is swoon worthy.  Anyway....
Inspired by colors and flavors of gelato.
OK, is Kara complaining about getting THE COLOR I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN TO BEGIN WITH? That color is fab - she's going to have so many fabric choices to work with, I can't even believe she's unhappy with this. She is so going home this episode.
Diane von Fuerstenberg comes out wearing Rami's kiwi color.  LOL.

OK, so they don't have to be inspired by Diane von Feurstenberg's designs, so that is a bonus - I'm still betting someone makes a wrap dress.

(And the host?  Isn't very blond this week.  Same girl?)

You gotta love Kenley's honesty, "I'm not going to try anything new or take major risks..." which sort of sums up her entire design philosophy, non?

Mondo got cantaloupe? And all I see is green... hmmm. Still, not worried. I'm on Mondo for the season win.

AND here comes Joanna Coles.   She hands out gelato to the designers. She's sort of brutal. Nice, but brutal.  (Oh snap! WRAP DRESS reference.  And she sort of accused Rami of being a suck up. I LIKE her!)  We actually get to see her talk to almost all of them very very quickly, which I sort of like instead of just seeing longer versions of just a few.  The editing fits with the challenge of "very fast".  I think the only ones we didn't see her talking to are Kenley and Jerell?

Followed by the model fitting - where we get to see them make catty remarks about each others work.  LOVE LOVE LOVE! Austin is shamed by his use of a glue gun, Mila doesn't "get" Passion fruit from Kenley, Mila thinks Rami's look "is of questionable taste." (Wow, Mila has a lot of opinions. You'd never guess that by her SAME DAMN DESIGN AESTHETIC EVERY SINGLE WEEK creations.)  Anthony gives a backhanded compliment regarding Mondo's caftan, April basically calls her model fat by mentioning how, because she had to add two triangle panels, now she is running short on fabric. (ouch.) Jerell calls out half the designers on being slow workers, Austin is flashing the "look of death" regarding Kara actually using the serger instead of anticipating Austin's needs like some sort of gypsy mind reader (although, lets be honest.... there is usually a little carnival worker in Kara's presentation.)

Wait - the models are coming back in... is the Runway the same day?  Maybe. 

Kenley's dress looks like something I'd buy from Gymboree for school picture day.  I wonder if it will look like that when it's accessorized?  Jerell likes Mondo's caftan, and Kara is still ripping fabric in the corner.  Ummmm, Rami's shirt looks like crap, but the shoes from the (shout out) Neiman Marcus wall of treasures are very nice.  They're all shopping like crazy over there - because they'll need to go heavy on accessories to distract from all those glued seams and uneven hemlines. 

I almost wish, since the making of the garment was so short, that hair and makeup had to be rushed too.  Like 15 minutes for hair and 10 minutes for makeup per girl... seems more in keeping with the theme.  (Plus?  Bwahahaha on what they'd look like.)

Jarell, who made a maternity gown for the Opera challenge? Just said Kara's dress made her rail thin model look like a pregnant cupcake. Pot, kettle - you do the math.

RUNWAY!!!  Hey look - I think that's a new host! 
Judges include this new host, Mrs. Weinstein, Isaac, DVF, and Miranda Kerr.  (Why have an extra guest judge? Did someone owe her agent a favor?) 

Mondo - It's pretty.  It's really pretty.  It moves, the colors are amazing together - he's so great!

Anthony - I think the top is really cool, and the skirt is cute. I don't LOVE them together, but it fits Green Tea.

Kenley - Gymboree. I think my daughter had that dress when she was 4.  I may have bought it off the sale rack. 

Rami - I don't want to hate this, I really don't... but I also don't really have a choice.

Mila - This looks like somebody layered a couple of their older brother's mesh hockey sweaters and belted them.  Are you freaking kidding me?

Jerell - Bondage Bohemian is now a look!  (I don't hate this, I really like his fabrics)

Kara - yes, because "Chocolate Cayenne" is often represented BY THE COLOR WHITE. You freaking mess... are you kidding me?  Jarell is right, this looks like frosting on a cupcake.  GONE.

Michael - from the "Bea Arthur Mother of the Bride" collection, we have a soft pink satin number.  My God, Michael.  I can almost smell the 'Shalimar' scent of that dress from here.

April - I don't like it.  I think the colors are pretty, but did she just invent the "booty skirt"??

Austin - Unless this is ugly in person and they can tell there are hot glue strings all over it?  He's in the top three with this one.

They call Austin, Rami, Jerell, Kenley - CONGRATULATIONS!  You are safe!  Really?  OK.

Leaving Kara, Anthony, Mila, Michael, April, and Mondo.  This? Should be good.

Kara: Kara's trying to represent flavors and feelings of her flavor. Mrs. Weinstein doesn't feel Kara's passion, TWH (This Week's Host) doesn't feel the passion, Miranda doesn't like the ruffles, Diane calls her out on it not being flattering - at which point Georgina (because you know SHE is a designer too) has to put in her 2 cents. Please, let the legend finish her sentence. Issac, so cute.  "The minute the word 'pregnant' comes up you know you've missed."

Anthony: He was inspired by his green tea gelato melting over his hand. Isaac likes the dress much more after he learns that. TWH thinks the design is too conceptual, Diane likes the skirt and the fact that you can see that it melts, Mrs. Weinstein doesn't like the back panels (Mrs. Weinstein? Is right.), Miranda agrees with the above.

Mila: She wanted to create something that evokes the color and flavor of milk, not the cherry in her gelato.  Isaac thinks this looks like cherry ice cream so clearly, TWH agrees, Diane likes it except for the fact that it looks rushed, Mrs. Weinstein isn't crazy about the design, Miranda thinks it looks easy to wear.  How does NO ONE notice that this is a belted hockey sweater?? Mila is going to make freaking top three.  Really?

Michael: he wanted to do something he could finish, and something beautiful.  Isaac loves the dress, but the color isn't quite tart enough for him. Mrs. Weinstein doesn't like the color.  Diane loves the dress, she likes the way it is draped and fluid... and just said, "Michael, you gotta call me after the show."  OMG - I still think it looks Old Lady - but GO MICHAEL!! 

April: She wanted to create something light like the gelato.  Ummm, strike one.  Mrs. Weinstein likes the colors, but thinks the corset was too ambitious. Isaac just, very nicely, told her basically that her styling sucks... but thought the dress made an impact.  Diane reads 'Halloween spider' from this look. TWH said that April has very interesting ideas, but it doesn't translate well, and Miranda likes the dress better without the belt.

Mondo: his lose interpretation of a cantaloupe. Diane thinks it's great.  Miranda thinks the back is to die for.  Mrs. Weinstein says that these colors and fabrics shouldn't go together - but they do, and I think she is baffled by how he did that.  TWH likes that the caftan flatters the figure, not crazy about the orange. Isaac thinks the back saves it, he'd like to have seen more of her body.

From these comments I'm guessing that top two are Mila and Micheal, with the Bea Arthur gown taking the win.  I'm guessing the bottom two are Kara and April... and I hope to God it's Kara that goes home - but I'm afraid it's going to be April. 

Diliberation of the Judges:
Who didn't they like? Start with Anthony. They don't love it. Kara, her interpretation was too literal. Dress wasn't flattering. April, the colors were pretty but needs more confidence as her look was a little too much Halloween - but at the same time? Not enough Halloween. Wha?

Who did they like? Michael. They thought this was beautiful, but there is something just a tiny bit off for each of them.  Mila, it was Isaac's favorite dress.  Mondo.  They did like this, everyone seems to like it.  It's between Mondo and Michael.  I am ECSTATIC that Mila isn't top two.  Freaking hockey sweater sweeping down the runway.

Congratulations to...Michael.  Who is SHOCKED.
Goodbye to... April.  Awww, man.  I like April.  I think she's so much better than that dress she showed today.

Next week?  Picking up people in the park. Awesome.
All photos from Lifetime's Project Runway All Star's Rate the Runway.


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